Classic Vape Pen Starter Kit

650mAh Battery 1.6ml Capacity USB Charger Cable
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UK Made

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88 Vape Classic Vapourizer Black

If you’re looking to upgrade the clearomizer that comes with your starter kit, we highly recommend the classic Vapourizer.

Powerful, stylish and designed for a smooth, flavoursome vape, this will revolutionise the way you use our high quality e-liquids!

• Vapour Starter Kit

• 650mAh Grade A Battery

• On/Off Function

• Auto Cut-off USB Charger

Safety Notes

DO NOT use a smartphone or tablet wall charger USB plug. Their current is far too strong which can lead to overcharging, overheating and possible explosion.

DO NOT leave charging batteries unattended or on charge overnight


Classic Vape Pen Starter Kit

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